A few quick NT Domain questions

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Wed Oct 4 03:51:39 GMT 2000

Joshua Pyle wrote:
>     A few quick questions.  What structure is the NT
> Domain support going to take?  Is the Domain
> functionality going to be separate from the rest of
> SAMBA, perhaps running as a daemon?  Will the NT
> Domain Support be configurable, or installable from
> the rest of SAMBA?  Will I be Able to use SAMBA like
> I do today by setting workgroupd = DOMAIN_NAME,
> security = DOMAIN, password server = SAMBA_SERVER,
> and encrypted passwords = Yes.

This is getting into implemntation details.  What I can 
tell you is that the current plan is to support the various
named pipes and RPCs via shared libraries.  There will still
be a monolithic smb.conf and the only daemons you will 
see with 'ps' will be smbd and nmbd.

But you asked about domain mode security.  Yes Samba 
will still be able to act as a domain member.  The added
functionality will also allow Samba to be configured as a
Windows NT 4.0 Domian Controller.

Cheers, jerry
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