Bug in smbd/password.c ?

Teemu Suutari temisu at utu.fi
Wed Oct 4 07:10:54 GMT 2000

I'm not subscribed to list, so please cc answers to me...

I'm setting samba 2.0.7 as PDC for computerlab, when I encountered

Documentation specifically mentions that if account has no password
(set by smbpasswd -a -n) and null passwords are disabled user can't
logon. In my empirical tests this isn't the case. I looked source
and added this (ugly) condition to source around line 517...

	if(smb_pass->acct_ctrl & ACB_PWNOTREQ) if (!lp_null_passwords()) {
                DEBUG(1,("Account for user '%s' has no password.\n",user));

and now users get thrown out ;)

I don't see what next condition
if (lm_pwd[0] == '\0' && IS_BITS_SET_ALL(smb_pass->acct_ctrl, ACB_PWNOTREQ) && lp_null_passwords()
does, at least it didn't seem to catch passwords that has set to
no password...

If I'm being stupid and/or not noticing something, please hit me ;)


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