PDC acceptance criteria

Josh Durham jmd at aoe.vt.edu
Wed Oct 4 03:19:43 GMT 2000

Well, here's my two cents.

I think the ability to integrate a Samba Domain Controller with Microsoft
DCs is absolutely -vital- to integrating Samba into the
environment.  The ability to have Samba work with Microsoft servers gives
the IT folks the peace of mind of being able to fall back to something
'tried and true' in case something bad happens.

Most IT people would like to integrate Samba in steps into their existing
environment.  It allows the growing pains of learning the quirks and
habits of a new server with the safety of having something they know

I think, that having Samba interoperate with a Windows server would also
require all the trust relationships be supported as well.  I havn't put
too much thought into this (or maybe anything else I've said :) but it
just seems that it is a required function of being able to be compatable
with MS servers.

Unfortunately, I only have a good view of how -I- use Windows and Samba,
and a somewhat good view at what other departments do at our school.

- Josh

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