What can I do to help?

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Tue Oct 3 21:14:25 GMT 2000

Richard Buttars wrote:
> I am interested in helping with the Samba project so I 
> would like to know what needs effort the most. My 
> programming experience is more toward the Windows side 
> of things right now but I am working on getting up to speed
> in Linux/Unix. Even just starting with documentation 
> or testing would be OK.
> Is there someone who acts as a coordinator for the work 
> or do people just work on whatever interests them and 
> then submit for approval? I haven't worked in open source 
> before so a little hint to point me in the right
> direction for getting started would be helpful.


Thanks for the offer.  Take a look at
http://us4.samba.org/samba/development.html and
see what looks interesting to you.  There's a todo list
linked at the bottom of the page as well as some 
development resources.

We try to coordinate efforts on this mailing list so 
we don't step on each other.  Once I get projects firmly
delved out to people, I'm considering posting who 
has claimed what in order to give a point of contact.  
We'll see. I haven't decided about that yet.  For now, 
just post quesitons, proposals, etc... to this list 
and we'll work on it.

Cheers, jerry
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