Urgent Fix/Problem With Printing

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at canada.sun.com
Tue Oct 3 19:43:08 GMT 2000

papowell at astart.com wrote:
> I hate to admit this,  but I am baffled at a good solution.
> The following have come to mind:
> a)  Use the 'magic id' of previous releases.
>     Negative:  difficult/impossible for users to identify their
>     jobs.
> b)  Add a 'majic cookie' to the end of the file name to
>     make it uniq.  This is easy to do if it is the printer queue
>     name.
>     Negative: longer job name.

	Hmmn: the underlying problem appears to be 
	non-uniqueness of print job names, when being spooled.
	However, the user is unique, as is the ordinal number
	of the job.  How about
	where davecb is the user, 39 is a queue-specific
	number (or a user-and-queue-specific number if
	we want to avoid locks)?

	This can be optionally filtered to present just
	the filename for a given user when communicating	
	with the client, as only the spooler really cares 
	about the other stuff.

ps: You name seems familiar: did Drew and I know you at Waterloo?
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