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Tue Oct 3 13:25:38 GMT 2000

Neil Hoggarth wrote:
> When you send a message back to the originator, 
> could you cc the samba-patches address, so that 
> the correspondence goes "on the record"?
> Do the submitters of rejected patches not normally 
> get a response? Surely it would be helpful to let 
> people know what is wrong with their submission so 
> that they have an opportunity to fix their submission to
> make it acceptable (or give up if you hate their idea! 
> :-))?
> I hate to suggest further hoops for a busy person 
> to jump through but I really, *really* think that if 
> you are actually reading, accepting and rejecting 
> these submissions for inclusion into Samba then 
> the JitterBug database ought to be updated to 
> reflect their status.

I dug Jeremy out of his email black hole yesterday :)
and talked with him about this.  What we really need
is more people to be working on patches. :-) :-)

That aside for the moment, the answer to your question
is that he tries to send everyone a response, good or bad.
The ones that get accepted are more likely to have more 
in depth responses obvously.

I think we have a lot of loose ends that get overlooked
sometimes.  I'm working on cleaning up some of this 
hopefully over the next few weeks (or months).

Cheers, jerry
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