duplicate master announcement

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at xavier.sa.edu.au
Tue Oct 3 00:02:50 GMT 2000

"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> > Hi,
> >         My name is Andre.  I am an engineering student at Umass Amherst
> > and We are actually working on a computer project.  We' d like to ask
> > you these questions for our research.  Why we are seeing an increase in
> > Duplicate Master Announcement?  How can we minimize the impact of
> > browsers and their elections on our network, and how can we monitor it?
> > Who are the browser masters?
> >             We'll be very glad to have these answers.
> Are the machines on your network configured so that NetBIOS is bound to
> only a single protocol?
> Check all of your Windows systems.  If any have NetBIOS bound to multiple
> protocols (TCP/IP, NetBEUI, NWLink are the options) then you will have
> browsing problems.  Check that first and see if it fixes the problem.

Also, make sure that your Windows 9x clients have the Browse Master
option set to disabled (Net Control Panel->File and Printer Sharing....)



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...And by the way, Lars Kneschke's Samba TNG FAQ is at

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