API's and the such (OT)

David Flynn Dave at keston.u-net.com
Mon Oct 2 21:33:15 GMT 2000

> David Flynn wrote:
> >
> > Our school has thought about buying comerical software for things such
> > web proxying and access controll etc ... and a few other management
> > programs.  They are faced with the huge cost of licences, as our
> > poor network service providor) does tend to like things that use
> > especially if they can force you into buying 1 MS one and 1 of theirs
> > client !! ... well ive been working on some solutions (using a(n ex NT
> > server) linux box the school kindly donated to me) for them, and they
> > require things such as user enumeration from the PDC [...]
> Just FYI, we have had good luck using a Squid cache with TNG's
> rpcclient for authenticating users based on NT groups on the PDC.
> It gives us a low-key, Linux-based, web cache without any additional
> overhead in terms of NT domain/user management.  Squid allows pretty
> much any arbitrary command for authentication.  Ours is now an
> rpcclient domain group membership check.
> - Kevin Colby

            we did consider that as an option, but we dont actually provide
an authentication service, its more a redirector and AC system, we do use
squid as the proxy/cache, but we wrote our own daemon that sat "infront" of
the squid proxy ... i agree, if it were authentication, we would do it that

I think thats what you mean ....

(how do you find out the user logged on at the workstation ?)

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