API's and the such

David Flynn Dave at keston.u-net.com
Mon Oct 2 20:28:30 GMT 2000

> > Something i have been wondering more and more about
> > recently is about an API.  Is there an API as such for
> > Samba, which would give us (programmers of other
> > utilities) the ability to have functions such as thoes
> > listed in MSDN, i am refering to mainly the Net*
> > Calls. Currently, i have had to do nasty little hacks and
> > get link to the samba shared objects ... so is there
> > another layer of abstraction out there ? if not, would
> > anyone be intereseted in such a thing ? if there is a
> > reason why this hasnt been done ( i am thinking of
> > technical reasons of sound standing here ), then please
> > let us know.
> Dave,
> The sidlc mailing list is for the purposes of developing a
> portable dce/rpc library.  You may want to check there.

righto, ill make that my first port of call

> Couple more points.  This was one of Luke's goals.  Luke has
> since stopped development.  You could perhaps pick up some
> of his work.  SAMBA_TNG splits many sets of functions into
> shared libraries.  You may want to start looking at that.
*nods* ... i have done all my development of other programs that use Net
calls such that  they linked into TNG anyway

> If you are talk structly about SMB functions (which you would
> also need for MS-RPC), you could examine the previously referred
> to libsmb/ directory of the samba source.  It needs some
> cleaning up in order to provide for a separate library.  There
> are a lot of dependencies there that get linked in.

in essence are you surgesting alot of copy / pasting to create a new
independant library, or to create wrappers that use existing libraries ?


> Good Luck.  I think this would be a very good thing to
> start work on again.

i do hope so !

> Just out of curiousity.  What kind of application are
> you working on that needs SMB support?

Our school has thought about buying comerical software for things such as
web proxying and access controll etc ... and a few other management
programs.  They are faced with the huge cost of licences, as our (extreemly
poor network service providor) does tend to like things that use licenses,
especially if they can force you into buying 1 MS one and 1 of theirs per
client !! ... well ive been working on some solutions (using a(n ex NT
server) linux box the school kindly donated to me) for them, and they
require things such as user enumeration from the PDC, finding who is loged
on a win9x workstation (an ugly hack using nmb -- i whish i knew a better
solution), and the such ... our future plans are to provide most of the
network configuration options (user configs + a "topic" managment system) to
run over the network, which would need to modify user's groups ...  and we
do this for the fun of it all !!!

> Cheers, jerry

Ta Dave
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