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Neil Hoggarth neil.hoggarth at
Mon Oct 2 14:32:33 GMT 2000

On Sun, 1 Oct 2000, Gerald Carter wrote:

> [regarding the samba-bugs mail address ...]
> I think we actually /dev/null'd the address.  It was abou 2000
> messages backlogged last time I remember.  I'mm trying to confirm
> with other team members what out current bug/patch submission
> system is.  And thus my recommendation that we need to clean
> up old references.

It isn't entirely piped to /dev/null: a sender gets an automated
response which (at last time I checked a few months back) points them in
the direction of samba-patches. I assume that the original message is
then disgarded.

This brings us back to another issue that we discussed on this list some
time back, but which I don't think was ever properly resolved: it
appears that at the point where it was decided that samba-bugs was going
to be killed off the samba-patches system was set up. I actually think
that this is a really nice idea, but it is worse than useless unless
"the Team" are actually prepared to use it. It isn't clear to me whether
anyone ever actually reads or uses the submissions to samba-patches, but
if they do then they aren't giving any feedback to the submitters.

In my opinion, if samba-patches isn't going to be used then it should be
properly put to death and references to it expunged: the samba-bugs auto
response should not refer to it, there should be an auto responder
attached to the samba-patches address telling people that it has gone
away, and the samba-patches web pages should be taken down and replaced
with some documentation which describes the current prefered patch
submission procedure. Otherwise people are going to waste time putting
together submissions which meet the samba-patches criteria, submit them
and then get pissed off when they apparently get ignored (and I write
from personal experience ... :-)).

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