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Would it not be a good ideea to change "SAMBA_TNG"'s description to 
reflect that there's no changes beeing made?

eg.: as of <date> there's no changes to this branch, but work is in 
progress to merge this technology into SAMBA_HEAD


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Josh Durham wrote:
> I've been browsing through the source, and was 
> wondering if someone could do a quick rundown on the CVS 
> tags for checking out Samba that are available to 
> the general public, and what kind of code work is 
> appropriate for each.
> For example, I think HEAD is going to be the future 2.2 
> source, but I'm not quite sure.  Something in between 
> the current release and TNG.
> Anyways, I'd like to help, but I thought I'd go through 
> the current source to see what can be done.

Ah Josh.  Now I see your note.   :-)

I updated the page at to 
reflect the 2.2 branch from HEAD on Sept 19.  Take a look
at that should outline things for you

A note to Tim P. :: 

                 Tim, I can't seem to find this page on the other
                 mirrors.  The version at
                 seems different.  Can you help unconfuse me?

Cheers, jerry
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