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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Oct 2 03:33:54 GMT 2000

"John E. Malmberg" wrote:
> I took the liberty of reposting it on the SAMBA-VMS list.

No problem.

> I do not know what YODL is, so do not know what is 
> involved, or if a processor is available for OpenVMS.

A URL is located at the bottom on the samba man pages.

> I currently plan to see if I can do a quick step to 
> SAMBA 2.0.7 right after to get the W2K stuff.
> Much of the work I am doing is trying to set up an 
> infrastructure to produce VMS releases closer in 
> synchronization with the UNIX ones.  I am done coding
> the VMS specific stuff for SAMBA 2.0.6 stuff now.
> Unfortunately none of the install and other scripts 
> are portable to OpenVMS. But once I get this infrastructure 
> set up, it should go a lot faster.


> I have several minor cosmetic issues where values 
> are reported in the wrong radix for the operating system, 
> or that the fields are formatted expecting a
> smaller range of values than OpenVMS returns.
> It looks like most of theses issues can be fixed by 
> allowing CONFIG.H to have defines that override the default
> formatting strings currently used in the code.
> There are also some performance issues that I want to 
> investigate.  Some of the things that I am seeing as I 
> run the server code interactively in debug seem to be 
> more costly than what they could be.  Some file and I/O
> operations on OpenVMS are far more costly than on UNIX.
> I have a realtime execution profiling tool that I want 
> to use.  This one does not require changing the source 
> code to build it in.  It should tell me where the hot 
> spots are in the program.

Sounds like you have you work cut out for you John.  Keep
us posted. :-)

> Please also create function wrappers to be used outside 
> of the DEBUG library routines to read and write the debug 
> level, and other features.
> That way the debug library modules can be bound into 
> a shared image.

Will put this on this list to take a look at it.

Cheers, jerry
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