TODO list proposal for volunteers

Kai Blin k.blin at
Sun Oct 1 12:27:37 GMT 2000

Sitting at the campfire, Kai Blin told:
> I'll take a look at it.

I forgot. It looks like you guys are using server side includes. What else?
I could do the stuff I want to change without, but i dont want to mess up
the pages.

> > 
> > Also 
> > 
> >   o we need to kill off any old references to samba-bugs.
> >     I am under the assumption this has gone away, and been
> >     replaced, but maybe I'm wrong.

As described in, it still exists.

> >   o add some more obvious information on submitting patches
> >     & reporting bugs (
> Greets
> Kai
Still stands :)

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