Redirector problems with NT

J.B. LaRue jb.larue at
Sat Nov 4 00:22:49 GMT 2000

I had to use the Emergency disk for NCD WinFrame 1.7 this weekend, but
was made before moving to a Linux based file server with Samba.

I remember having to make a change to the registry a year ago, when we
made the change, but didn't save the e-mail from then. Does anyone
remember / know how to get rid of the pesky message:

The redirector has timed out connecting to <server name>

This happens *alot* now that I'm back to "known good working state"
Users that log in on Monday are going to have a fit when, if memory
serves me right, they keep getting "lost connections".

Appreciate any help.

J.B. LaRue - I.T. Manager
jb.larue at

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