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George Rohrbacher wrote:
> 1ºst. Is there any problem in modifying SQL to save 
> the passwords into a MySQL already operational?

Not sure what you mean here so I'll guess.  If you are 
asking whether or not you can get Samba to use existing
passwords in a mySPL database, the answer would be that Samba
can either use encrypted password from smbpasswd or
clear text authentication against the result of getpwnam().

If you are asking about storing smbpasswd entries in a 
mySPL database, then no that has not been implemented.
Although I remember someone working on it once.
Simo, was that you?

> 2ºnd.  We are thinking in cryptograph  the passwords 
> thru SHA1 protocol, and we'd like to know if is there 
> any restriction on SMB - Microsoft's protocol ?

The challenge/response authentication protocol used by
MS clients requires the LanMan and NT password hashes.
So swapping these into another encryption scheme (unless 
the passwords are decryptable and thus can be used to 
generate the lanman/nt hashes on the fly) will not work.

Cheers, jerry
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