Win2k as a Samba client

Saed Al-Shaer SaedS at
Wed Nov 29 07:37:44 GMT 2000

Dear All,

I am software developer working on developing an SMB server. Well, my server
was working just fine for clients like win_nt4, win95 and win98. The problem
came by when I started to use win2000 professional version as a client to my

The major problem I am facing is that when I am trying to browse one of the
server shared folders using the SMB LANMAN 1.0 dialect, only the first entry
in that folder appears in my network place. So the first step I have done is
to perform some packet capturing to see what was wrong with the packet
generated by my server, and to my very astonishment the packet contained all
the entries in that folder but only the client could not show except the
first entry. The next step I have done is to compare my packet with a one
generated by samba server and I could not reach to any logical difference
between my packet and the one generated by samba server. [notice that samba
has no problem with showing all directory entries]

So I would be grateful if you would inform me about any special information
related to win2k client or whether you have faced a resembling situation
with win2k client, and if so what was the reason for such a behavior. Notice
that win2000 professional uses SMB search command to browse the server
shared folder.

Thank you for cooperation,

Saed Al-Shaer

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