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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Nov 30 20:51:06 GMT 2000

Phil wrote:
> How would it be possible to _Gaurantee_ that 
> Samba2.2x becomes Domain Master if all the smb.conf 
> options have been exhausted, such as os level = 255. Is
> it possible to increse the os level to be greater 
> than 255?

The os level is part of a 16-bit election criteria.
The os level is the upper 8 bits.  So 255 is all you get.

> I have a scenario on a lan in which there are 3 
> Samba servers, apparently set to os level = 255 (out 
> of my control), and are all fighting each other for 
> Domain master. Can anyone enlighten me with a fix to 
> this problem that does not involve denying hosts?

The lower 8 bits are used to indicate things like

	o is a wins server
	o is a wins client
  	o is a DMB
	o is a LBM
	o is a PDC


I don't know off the top of my head what we do 
with these bits.

Cheers, jerry
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