VUID/smb_uid during Extended Security

Mayers, Philip J p.mayers at
Thu Nov 30 20:40:16 GMT 2000

Resending, because it didn't seem to get through...



Win2K clients want the UID field of the SMB packet to be valid at the
*first* response to a SesssetupAndX (I think). Unfortunately, the
RPC_AUTH_NTLMSSP_NEG doesn't have anywhere near enough information in it to
register_vuid - can I create a "blank" vuid, and put the information in
later on?

Secondly, does anyone have the faintest clue what the unknown_1 and
unknown_2 fields are in the RPC_AUTH_NTLMSSP_CHAL structure? Win2K seems to
be setting them to 0x0 and 0x30 respectively, whereas Samba sets them to 0x0
and 0x28, which seems to be confusing the Win2K clients.

Progressing well, though.


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