2.2.0a1 on Digital Unix 4.0F

bernhard.buettner at lfk.dasa.de bernhard.buettner at lfk.dasa.de
Tue Nov 28 09:32:30 GMT 2000

Dear Samba developers:

We are trying to use Samba 2.2 on Digital Unix 4.0F. Our application is
printing functionality - we wish to centralize our company's printing 
on this machine. The printing is currently hosted by a NT 4.0 server 
which slightly lacks stability and has no failover mechanism.

The company's 600+ clients are using NT 4.0 on their desktops and today
the printer drivers are installed on the NT server for dynamic
download by the client on demand (spoolss functionality).

With Samba release 2.2 this very function should now be available 
in Samba. So we downloaded, compiled and set up the new version on 
the Alpha and also on a Linux test system. We had used 2.0.7 before
on that server which produced no problem (except missing the printer
driver download functionality).

No on with 2.2.0: The first step is to get the NT printer driver 
onto the server. So the plan is to connect from the NT client to 
the printers share, open the properties dialog on the new printer 
and then add the driver. So we do:

Network Neighborhood 
    -> Server Name 
        -> Printers

and then select the printer and push the right mouse button to view 
properties, a message shows up saying:

    Printer properties cannot be displayed.
    The printer name is invalid.

The log file contains the following message:

[2000/11/16 18:32:02, 0] =
  _spoolss_fcpn: Invalid handle (OTHER)
[2000/11/16 18:32:02, 0]
  close_printer_handle: Invalid handle (OTHER)
[2000/11/16 18:32:34, 0]
  connect_to_client: Can't resolve address for CE

On the Linux system on 2.2.0 this works well (well, there are 
two error messages but you get to the point where you can 
install the printer driver).

I met with Volker Lendecke, who is also a member of the Samba Team, 
at the SYSTEMS fair about two weeks ago and discussed the problem. 
We sent back and forth a few messages and in the end he recommended 
contacting this group for further advice.

The problem seems to be platform-specific to the Alpha.

I have a few more details but first would like to know if this is the
right address to discuss the problem. Or maybe you can direct me
to an appropriate address.

Kind regards,

Bernhard Buettner
Bernhard Buettner - EDM-System, LFK-VME5        _._.  Telefon: 089/3179-8397
Email: bernhard.buettner at lfk.dasa.de            __._      Fax: 089/3179-8923

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