Proposal for modifying Get_Pwnam() [Re: couple of getpwnam()questions]

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Nov 27 17:55:41 GMT 2000

Kenichi Okuyama wrote:
> Though I did have seen 'Administrator' in /etc/passwd 
> before, I agree.

Yeah.  I know.  :-)

> GC> I would assume the local getpwnam() call should handle
> GC> the foreighn characters.  But I am by no means someone
> GC> who should be talking about foreigh character support :-)
> Ah... It's not as easy as you think.

I figured it would not be.  That's why I prefaced my 
statement with the "I don't have the foggiest idea of
what I am talking about" standard disclaimer.  :-)
Thanks for pointing of these issues though.

> So, comes my suggestion. Just use pointer to 
> function. When someone start porting Samba to new system, 
> he( or she ) will select ( or simply create ) 
> new_Get_Pwnam() that matchis one's request, and change
> (*Get_Pwnam)() accordingly.
> Leave problem to native speakers.  It's easy to make I18N
> structure. But L10N is not an easy job.

A good suggestion.  I will probably not attempt that 
at this go round since it would be a hack.  I would rather
solve this particular problem in the context of a code
review to address all foreign language issues.

Cheers, jerry
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