Proposal for modifying Get_Pwnam() [Re: couple of getpwnam() questions]

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Nov 27 17:59:33 GMT 2000

Kevin Colby wrote:
> I'll agree that 9x clients + standard all-lower Unix 
> usernames means that testing all lower first is nearly a 
> must.  "As Transmitted" would seem the logical next 
> choice as well.  However, Kenichi's point
> regarding case shift in other languages seems valid.

Definutely.  I just don't want to (can't really) bite 
off that much right now.  

> Gerald Carter wrote:
> >
> >     4. perform number case permutations defined by
> >        'username level' (defaults to 0)
> But how will you define these "case permutations"?
> You could define your case_perm function to do "username level"
> permutations by passing the request and current request level
> to a function pointer that can be system specific and implement
> a means for querying just how many potential permutations there
> are on the current system.  (It isn't necessarily 8192, is it?)
> Individual permutation functions could define their own priority
> to different case combinations, depending of what is more likely
> for the given language or character set.

It would be up to a given Get_Pwnam() implementor to handle
the case permutation order in this.

Cheers, jerry
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