CVS update: samba/source/passdb

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Nov 27 04:53:12 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter wrote:
> This code (indirectly using local_lookup_name()) was making
> it impossible to print.  I had a LDAP server providing about
> 6,000 accounts.  Simply trying to look at the printer
> properties was impossible because of the getpwnam() calls.
> local_lookup_name() need to use sys_getpwnam().  We should
> deal with machine accounts, but using Get_Pwnam() in
> local_lookup_name() has some fairly large implications.
> I'm open to suggestions, but I am really buried this week.

OK.  I've thought about this some and one question arises.
Is a machine account the only instance where the code in 
local_lookup_name() needs to deal with case issues in usernames.
If so, then it does not make sense to make the exception, 
the standard rule as is the case with reverting to Get_Pwnam().

We really need to get rid of machine accounts in /etc/passwd
anyways.  Of course, that won't make it into 2.2 :-)

btw...I just tried the HEAD branch (using sys_getpwnam() in 
local_lookup_name()) and joined a WinNT4 client fine.
Logon works fine as well.  Was the problem only existing 
with Win2k clients?  What's the deal?

Cheers, jerry
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