couple of getpwnam() questions

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Sat Nov 25 14:58:54 GMT 2000

"Gerald Carter" <gcarter at> wrote:

> No one responded to this.  Should I threaten making
> the change to issue #1 unless I hear differently?
> Does anyone depend on this behavior currently?

OpenVMS does not have case sensitivity for username lookups.  If it fails on
the first try, all subsequent lookups will also fail.

Being able to skip these extra checks will give a speedup for the OpenVMS
operating system when a non-existant user attempts to log in.

Note that the case were a valid user logs in would not be affected.  I am
not sure how much overall improvement it would be.

I have not looked at the impact for the lanman PASSDB lookups to see if
users were stored in the SAMBA password database in lower case or uppercase.

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