Samba 2.2.0alpha1 snapshot released

Herbert Lewis herb at
Thu Nov 23 17:51:18 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter wrote:
> Whew!
> That cvs.log file is huge!  Makes up for ~1Mb compressed.
> And the messages includes all branches (even those which are
> not part of the SAMBA_2_2 tree.  We should prune this
> to only contain fixes for this branch (in a release).  We'll
> save bandwidth on downloads and remove some possible confusion.
> Anyone wany to write a perl script to do this?  Anyone besides
> me think this is a good idea (pruning the log to relavant
> entries)?
> btw...the gzipped file is ~5Mb.  The bzipped2 file saves
> ~1Mb.  Should we release in both formats and leave the option
> up to folks?
> I'm thinking that overall we can trim ~1.5Mb off the
> archive using these two things.

I already have a perl script that does that. I'll look for where
I put it after breakfast and send it to you. I may have already 
sent Jeremy a copy.


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