Variable Substitution for NT Domain

cjsmith at cjsmith at
Wed Nov 22 13:43:52 GMT 2000


I've been working with Samba recently, and have been 
using the %U substitution to get the NT username 
(individual users do not have accounts on the Unix box -
 instead, they are mapped to a "remote" account, and 
the only share that is offered is /data/%U).

Unfortunately, we have multiple domains on our 
network, and sometimes have the same username on 
more than one domain. This presents a security hole in 
the present framework.

I would like to use "/data/%D/%U" as a share location, 
where %D is the NT Domain of the connecting user (I 
run samba in security=domain mode). Unfortunately, 
there doesn't seem to be a variable for NT 
Domain/Workgroup in the existing substitutions.

I've tried working through the source code, but I can't 
trace exactly where the username etc. is passed around. 
Is there any documentation for the Samba source code? 
Alternatively, can someone give me a quick explanation 
as to where the %U username substitution actually 
comes from? (I've seen the sam_logonuser global that 
is used for %U in standard_sub_basic(), but have been 
unable to trace exactly how this is assigned).

Thanks in advance,


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