Odd FS idea.

Kenichi Okuyama okuyama at trl.ibm.co.jp
Wed Nov 22 01:05:22 GMT 2000

>>>>> "CRH" == Christopher R Hertel <crh at nts.umn.edu> writes:
CRH> How hard would it be to write an overlay filesystem for Linux?  That is,
CRH> take something that already exists--such as ext2--and add a layer on top  
CRH> that manages such things as ACLs, forks, & other desirable features, and
CRH> then have the OS mount the overlay fs rather than the underlying fs.      

I don't really know how hard it is, but I've once heard that ext3 is
made that way. So, if you search for information about ext3, you
might find the answer.

Kenichi Okuyama at Tokyo Research Lab, IBM-Japan, Co.

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