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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Nov 21 23:05:57 GMT 2000

Simo Sorce wrote:
> maybe I am wrong, but at a first read I've seen 
> that also Berkley DBM use one key only to index data....

I'll have to look at how OpenLDAP does this.  It may 
be that you are correct.  However, support for transactions
and rollbacks may save us.

> we may also think as a user serial number (maybe used 
> also to generate unique rids)
> for user simo, uid 500, rid 012345678:
> account number (in hex) 00100FA1
> USER_simo -> ACCOUNT_00100FA1
> UID_500 -> ACCOUNT_00100FA1
> RID_012345678 -> USER_simo

The domain+user makes a unique identifier anyways so this
adds overhead which is not necessary.  

> this way there is never the possibility to have 
> bad rids or uids to point incorrect accounts, even if 
> we delete and recreate a new user with same name and 
> for some reasons UID_* and RID_* does not get updated 
> they will point to deleted entries (ACCOUNT_* are uniq 
> for db lifetime) and so they will return an error 
> (and be automatically deleted?)

I think a cleaner solution maybe to simply verify that 
no extra indexes are leftover before adding the record.
I'm going to wave off this thread until I know more about
the Berkeley DB.  OK?  Rather than speculate some more.

CHeers, jerry
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