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Tue Nov 21 20:47:22 GMT 2000

Simo Sorce wrote:
> > Also, I have reworked the TDB passdb backend.  In doing so,
> > I realized that this DBM is to limited for a passdb.
> > Thus the "T" meaning "Trivial".  We need a more robust DBM
> > with transactional support and multiple indexes for searching.
> > Right now, the Berkely DB looks like a good replacement.
> > The Gnu DBM may be another possibility, but I have not explored
> > it as much.
> Hi, when I created it I hit the problem the tdb has 
> only one index. We may change to GnuDBM or BerkeleyDBM 
> (just reading the implementation, but which platforms we 
> will cut using this DBs ?), but I think a way to use TDB 
> and act as it is a multi indexed database may be achieved!

The problem is the operations must be atomic.  Searches 
are fine.  It's updates that become the problem.  You will
have to implement 3 updates for one record.  Suppose your
machine goes down in between updating the actual SAM_ACCOUNT
and the seach table ro rid lookups.  The next time you 
lookup by a rid, the search may indicate the the entry 
does not exist when in fact it does.

> we really need to find data only in 3 ways:
> 1. search for username
> 2. search for rid
> 3. search for uid


> for user simo, uid 500, rid 012345678 we have:
> UID_500 -> USER_simo
> RID_012345678 -> USER_simo

I thought about this, but the lack of atomic updates is
the big issue.

> what we need to take care is key consistency but, that 
> not a big problem. If you think it is worth I would take 
> the work to implement this idea!

I don't really.  By providing pluggable backends, we 
are not creating an unnecessary dependence.  Simply a richer
alternative to smbpasswd.   Someone could write another in
mySQL is they wanted.

Again, initially I want

	o smbpasswd
	o Full local SAM style DB
	o AD style schema in LDAP

CHeers, jerry
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