Status of .AppleDouble resource fork support in Samba?

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Nov 21 20:51:16 GMT 2000

"Kevin M. Myer" wrote:
> So the bottom line:  is anyone working or even thinking 
> of working on finishing the netatalk code in 2.0 or 2.2?  

Not that I am aware?

> And if not, could you please, please remove the netatalk 
> code (apparently only lib/netatalk.c) and the
> --with-netatalk configure option? 

We'll look into this.

> Popular opinion  and wisdom being disseminated on 
> several mailing lists  and archives I've read is that 
> if you turn that on,  Samba will handle 
> resource forks gracefully and thats clearly not the 
> case.  For the sake of clarity, it  would be great 
> if the support was either fully implimented or 
> dropped altogether.  

Cheers, jerry
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