latest passdb checkins

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Nov 21 06:26:01 GMT 2000


With the latest checkins of passdb changes to HEAD, 
logon scripts are broken for WinNT clients of a Samba 
domain.  I know this and am working on fixing it.  
Logon scripts do currently work for Win9x clients
logging into a Samba domain.

Also, I have reworked the TDB passdb backend.  In doing so,
I realized that this DBM is to limited for a passdb.
Thus the "T" meaning "Trivial".  We need a more robust DBM
with transactional support and multiple indexes for searching.
Right now, the Berkely DB looks like a good replacement.
The Gnu DBM may be another possibility, but I have not explored
it as much.

The TDB passdb is only as a reference implementation.  Please
do not use it in production.  But then again why would you
be running HEAD branch code in production anyways, right?

So it's late and I'm tired.  Gone to bed now.  More tomorrow.

Cheers, jerry
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