Large Files and Samba on Linux

Michael Glauche mg at
Mon Nov 20 23:40:34 GMT 2000

--On Montag, 20. November 2000 15:10 -0700 Anders Knudsen 
<anders.knudsen at> wrote:

>> Yes, if you apply all these patch then it should work.
>> But if you're applying all these patches to the kernel,
>> then you shouldn't have any problems in patching the
>> Samba configure to remove the LFS fail on Linux :-).
> Hehe! OK, you probably got me there. I was thinking or
> rather hoping that someone else in the world had needed
>  >2Gb support from Samba, and had been through this
> before on an x86 linux setup
> ...short question should have been "TELL ME
> WHAT TO DO"...  ;-)
> I will give it a shot following what defines, etc. the configure
> script creates for LFS "supported" platforms, ie solaris
> and make that happen with linux.
> Worst thing that could happen is smoke starts escaping from
> the Pentium once it has to deal with >2Gb files. ;-)

I did a quick hack for this, and the configure test still fails ...
(with samba 2.2.0-alpha0)

(But I don't really know if my kernel really supports LFS ... its
2.4.0-test6, when did they add it to the 2.4 base ?)

I did just change the default false to default true on linux (as
I said .. quick and dirty hack .. just to see if it works ;)


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