Shared memory marked as removed after smbstatus

Mike Morgan mmorgan at
Mon Nov 20 20:37:49 GMT 2000


    I'm using Samba 2.0.7 on Linux 2.2.17 and recently started
encountering a problem where shared memory is marked for deletion
(preventing other samba processes from starting.)

When I map a drive (win 2000 client), an entry is placed in the shared
memory table:
------ Shared Memory Segments --------
key       shmid     owner     perms     bytes     nattch    status
0x00280267 36353     root      644       1048576   1

When I run smbstatus, it attaches to the shared memory (to scan for
locked files I guess) and then does an IPC_RMID on the segment.  This
markes the segment as destroyed.

Now when I attempt to map a drive from a different client or run
again, smbd or smbstatus eventually hits the code which does:

shmget(2622055, 0, 0)                   = -1 EIDRM (Identifier removed)
shmget(2622055, 1048576, IPC_CREAT|IPC_EXCL|0x1a4|0644) = -1 EEXIST
(File exists)

So neither can get the shared memory segment, since it's marked for
nor can the segment be created (EEXIST).

This may have shown up after the latest kernel upgrade, but it seems
like the
kernel is operating as it should.  ...and I've been using 2.0.7 since it
first released.

Anyone know what's the cause of this problem is?

Thanks in advance,
Mike Morgan
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