Status of .AppleDouble resource fork support in Samba?

Kevin M. Myer kevin_myer at
Mon Nov 20 15:32:23 GMT 2000


I have come across at least two posts within the past year regarding
proposals to complete the support in Samba for deal with resource forks
created by the netatalk package (see
and  For
both posts, there appears to be little if any response.  I've talked to
submitters of both of those posts and found out the following:  one no
longer needed the support because of a switch to Windows 2000 :( and the
other had a proposal in to his supervisors to work on it but there wasn't
much chance of it getting accepted unless the code could be committed to a
stable release (so they wouldn't have to continually patch code).  

I did find out that the HEAD branch (3.0) code has a plugin architecture
that would allow something like creation of the netatalk meta-files quite
easily - and that implimentation of netatalk support in the 2.0.x code
would be difficult since the file manipulations calls are spread across
many sections of code.

So the bottom line:  is anyone working or even thinking of working on
finishing the netatalk code in 2.0 or 2.2?  And if not, could you please,
please remove the netatalk code (apparently only lib/netatalk.c) and the
--with-netatalk configure option?  Popular opinion and wisdom being
disseminated on several mailing lists and archives I've read is that if
you turn that on, Samba will handle resource forks gracefully and thats
clearly not the case.  For the sake of clarity, it would be great if the
support was either fully implimented or dropped altogether.  Of course I'd
prefer the former but there doesn't seem to be a huge clamor for it and
unfortunately, my programming skills are too shoddy to implement it.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions.


Kevin M. Myer
Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

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