OS/2 client error

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Thu Nov 16 18:45:56 GMT 2000

Jim McDonough/Boulder/IBM wrote:
> I apologize if you receive this multiple times.  We've had some network
> problems, and I don't believe the first copy got sent.
> When you try to access a network print object on an OS/2 client, where the
> printer is on a Samba server, you will receive two "SYS0234: More data is
> available" errors.  The problem results because OS/2 does a
> DosPrintQGetInfo call, with a zero length return buffer.  However, when the
> same request is sent (also with a zero length buffer) to an NT or Win2k
> system, they return a 2123 error (buffer too small - NERR_BufTooSmall in
> the MSDN library).  OS/2 handles that error ok.  Seems like we might want
> to do the same thing as NT/2k...

Thanks for that fix - I'm going to apply it but also leave
the old error code in an #if 0 with a comment - in case we
need to revert. I remember some issues with what to return
in the buffer too small case and don't want to regress a bug.


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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