samba-2.2.0-alpha0 rpcclient problem with clear-text passwords

SANDFORT,PAT (HP-Boise,ex1) pat_sandfort at
Thu Nov 16 17:27:23 GMT 2000


The rpcclient tool delivered with 2.2.0-alpha0 does not support clear-text
passwords.  I discovered this problem while checking out the imprints tool.
Following is the output of diff -u for the changes I made to add support:

diff -u lib/ lib/cmd_interp.c.orig
<                       if (lp_encrypted_passwords())
<                               pwd_make_lm_nt_16(&(u->pwd), password);
<                       else
<                               pwd_set_cleartext(&(u->pwd), password);
>                       pwd_make_lm_nt_16(&(u->pwd), password);
<               pwd_read(&(u->pwd), "Enter Password:",
>               pwd_read(&(u->pwd), "Enter Password:", True);

Pat Sandfort
HP - LaserJet R&D

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