SMB Client with Perl module

Alain alian at
Thu Nov 16 09:26:40 GMT 2000

> The OpenVMS port of SAMBA 2.0.6 has the following libraries built as
> libraries.
> ..
> These libraries are statically linked as shared, but there is no
> on loading them dynamically if a program chose to do so.

I don't know difference between OpenVMS port and other. Can this feature
be ported to other plat-form ?

> > btw...I think this is a good idea :-)  Ever better is to wrap
> > the client side RPC calls into an administrative module
> > for handlind remote NT clients from your UNIX host.

So I first take a look at smbwrapper code, but I can't build them on my
Linux box (new glibc problem, I see it on deja)
When build smbw.c, I've error like "dereferencing pointer to incomplete
type", so .....

> I am not aware of any document that explains how to use any of these
> libraries by other than the SAMBA program.  Such would be nice to

If I've the .h et .so, no problem to build the Perl module (and others
languages!) . But I haven't this library; So how can I build them (In
waiting for Samba Core team developpement include them in next release)
? Update makefile when build smbclient for have my .so library ? Sorry
for my so puny english :-(

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