SMB Client with Perl module

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Nov 15 22:31:55 GMT 2000

Alain & Estelle BARBET wrote:
> Hi,
> After read several demand on comp.lang.perl.modules, I 
> want make module to access SMB share disk. I found 
> on a good start. I will add parameter and a 
> OO interface.
> First I think use perlxs, but I see that samba didn't use 
> any shared librarie. All is hard linked in executables. So 
> I can't use this method without include all source of Samba 
> :-( So I will parse output of smbclient.
> What do you think of this ?

I would stay tuned.  :-)  We are ironically in the process
of experiementing with some shared library support in various
places.  Any I have spoken with a couple other people about
the modularization of code.

btw...I think this is a good idea :-)  Ever better is to wrap
the client side RPC calls into an administrative module
for handlind remote NT clients from your UNIX host.

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