2.2.0 development: tdb diskspace leak?

David Lee T.D.Lee at durham.ac.uk
Wed Nov 15 13:10:47 GMT 2000

On our Solaris 2.6 test system, with a CVS version of Samba 2.2.0 from
around October 24th, the file "unexpected.tdb" seems to be growing and
growing and ... (you get the picture).  A few days ago it exceeded 9MB.  I
restarted Samba (and cleared the file during that), but it is now up to
nearly 1MB and still growing.  This server itself has been almost
completely dormant during this period, although it is on a busy network. 

But using "tdbtool" to examine the file usually shows only one or two
active records in there (occasionally a few more).  The strings
"\MAILSLOT\BROWSE" and "\MAILSLOT\NET\NETLOGON" seem to occur in the

So is there a known diskspace leak somewhere in the tdb code?  (A question
primarily about code development.)  Hopefully the answer is "known and
fixed".  But if not, any hints as to how to begin to tackle its

Also, I suppose, given that this file has the name "unexpected", I ought
to ask a subsidiary question (from a user-site perspective) of "Is there
something that should cause concern?". 


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