RFC: passdb redesign

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Tue Nov 14 11:36:27 GMT 2000

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> > Nope.  Not by my tests.  The entire namespace from the shared
> > library is available.  Just call the function directly.  At least on
> > Linux is seems to work like this.  Haven't tried other platforms
> > yet.
> It doesn't work like that on any platform. If you call a 
> function that doesn't exist at the time you produce the 
> executable then the creation of the executable will fail 
> (there are flags to ld on some systems that can change this 
> behaviour, but we definately don't want to start using them).
> Different platforms do vary on whether names from the 
> main program are directly available from the shared library 
> (and some systems have flags to control this) but to access 
> symbols in shared libraries that are loaded at runtime 
> using dlopen() you must use the function pointer returned 
> from dlsym().

To be honest, I am only in the initial "looking at stages" of
this.  No where near implementing anything.  Once I have
a better idea of a design, I'll poass it on for comments before
implementing anything. ok?  :)

-- jerry

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