A patch to configure to include --with-pam on Linux systems

Inge-H. Hunstad inge at cc.uit.no
Mon Nov 13 18:25:06 GMT 2000

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> There was a time when Samba detected whether the pam libs were
> available and automatically used them. We removed that behaviour as it
> burned too many people. Instead we went for a system where the
> distribution makers add --with-pam into their spec files. That leaves
> us with the current situation where someone compiling from source has
> to remember to use --with-pam on most systems or SWAT won't work.

For me this is new information. Could this be nice information to put in
the Swat man page or in the docs that comes with samba? Once I tried to
setup Swat on a RH linux box but I couldn't get it to work. Because it
wasn't very important and that I had done what the docs told me to I
gave up. Now it seems that I have found the answer why it didn't work.

If it isn't going to be transparent to the user that he have to use or
is using pam, I really like to see some info in the docs about this.



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