Can people please test this out for me?

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Sun Nov 12 14:19:45 GMT 2000

"Richard Sharpe" <sharpe at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Attached is a small crypt test program ...
> Can people who have a non-Linux and or non-MD5 version of crypt please
> compile up the attached test_crypt.c and send me the results of running
> please?

I do not need to compile or run that program to know that it will fail on

The crypt() equivalent function on OpenVMS requires the username and some
other information from the SYSUAF (etc/password equivalent) record as part
of the argument.

For SAMBA on OpenVMS, I put a wrapper around getpwnam() to cache the last
username looked up.

The crypt() function that I implemented for SAMBA then uses that value to
call the OpenVMS password hashing routine.

If SAMBA did not call getpwnam() with the target username before calling
crypt() it would not work.

Because of this, your test, and the test in the configure script will not
work on OpenVMS.

It seems that the configure scripts that are for platform independence are
more difficult to port then the product they are configuring.

wb8tyw at

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