Samba 2.2.0 and SWAT

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Nov 10 03:57:40 GMT 2000

At 10:57 AM 11/12/00 +0000, James A. Sutherland wrote:
>On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Richard Sharpe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Hmmm,
>> A simple test of crypt, via -lcrypt under RH6.2 reveals only the standard
>> crypt functions.
>> How do I get crypt to use MD5?
>> I cannot find any doco ...
>IIRC, it decides automatically which function to use based on the length
of the
>ciphertext. Just pass string the right length to be MD5, and you'll get MD5

Nah, but if you pass in something like $1$salt in the salt, then it assumes
MD5 ...


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