RFC: Draft 2 of passdb redesign

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Sat Nov 11 00:04:35 GMT 2000

"Anders C. Thorsen" wrote:
> With a large possibility of sounding stupid:
> since the passdb should not have the knowledge of UID/GIDs,
> for mapping purporses. Would it then be an idea of having
> alias/mapping support, so that one could have a smoother
> way of managing it in systems like LDAP, etc?
> SAM_ACCOUNT* could then contain a different username (unix name)
> than the one provided to pdb_getsampwnam. Am I right?

I just had a chat with Gerald, an idea is for the SAM_ACCOUNT
struct to be extended so it contains a merge of the NT/UNIX
account info.

Eg. it could contain the user SID, user uid_t, group SIDS
and gid_t lists, as well as the UNIX username and NT username.


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