virtual line printer test program

Tim Potter tpot at
Fri Nov 10 00:14:08 GMT 2000

I've written a small test program that basically pretends to be a
printer and supports all the standard printer operations
(pause/resume queues, pause/resume/cancel jobs) but doesn't need
an actual printer there.  

This turns out to be a much better test harness for testing
things related to printers as it behaves more like a real
printer as all the status and job information is stored in a tdb
and less like a dodgy collection of shell scripts.  (-:

The virtual line printer requires its own lpq_parse.c routines
and so a new printing type.  I was thinking of being able to do
something like this

	printing = vlp

	printable = true

	printable = true

and be able to print happily to these test printers without
having to worry that they really exist.

Would anyone else find this useful?  Any feature requests?  (-:


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