Adding workstation to a samba pre 3.0 controlled domain

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Wed Nov 8 10:20:28 GMT 2000

Tim Potter wrote:
> Gerald Carter writes:
> > > > There is probably so much code broken in HEAD in
> > > > the respect (auto creating the machine account when joining
> > > > the domain).  I know Luke had it working in TNG.  the
> > > a) this code doesn't exist at all in TNG.
> >
> > the ability to use an admin account and remotely
> > create a machine account does exist I thought.
> > Are we talking about different things here?
> TNG does have the ability to automatically create a machine
> account.  We're using it right now - look in the samedit code.
> Tim.

Tonight I took a look in the code both from samba HEAD and samba TNG.
Samedit code is different from the HEAD one, but while I prefer the HEAD
one I think both are not good.
I think a new function should be added in passdb_ops structure:

bool new_user_entry (char *user_name, int local_flags, char

The procedure should be implemented in various backends.
Also user creation in system passwd should be demanded to the backends.
This would easly permit to change the way user are created on the
It comes in mind the possibility to use winbindd on the Samba DC or LDAP
for both samba and system users, the way user creation is performed just
now will prevent this thing.
Obviously a convenience procedure may be set in passdb.c for backends
that will not support the function.

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