Samba and Win98 connection

Dick_FC_WONG at Dick_FC_WONG at
Wed Nov 8 08:40:59 GMT 2000

Hi Technical Team,

My name is Dick Wong from Hong Kong.

Just a technical question but I think you're the most appropriate team/persons
to whom I could seek support (since samba is a shareware).

We (our company) encounter a problem when connecting Win98 client to Samba
server.  According to existing information, there is a workaround to DISABLE THE
PLAINTEXT PASSWORD setting in Win98.

However, it involves changing the setting in every user's PC.  Could any
parameter be modified in server side (Samba) so that the connection between
Win98 client and Samba server can be established without client config change.

Many thanks.

Dick Wong,
IT Division / Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

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