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Brad Sahr bsahr at
Mon Nov 6 20:03:50 GMT 2000

I've been following this performance oriented thread with great interest.
The reason I'm so interested is because I see so many repetitive calls (by
Samba) into my VFS implementation for the same information, when it appears
to me that Samba is processing a single SMB request.

I highly recommend that Samba provide the option for a VFS to supply an
enhanced readdir that also returns stat information. Depending upon the VFS
implementation, this could be implemented easily. It definitely would be
easy for one VFS implementation that I'm aware of.

I'm willing to assist with this.

Brad Sahr

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> Andrew's position is that the two things a kernel could
> do to help Samba efficiency are (a) provide a readdir()
> call that also returns stat information (as we are *always*
> going to do a stat once we've done a readdir()) and (b)
> a case insensitive filename lookup setting.

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