Samba 2.2.0 with this patch allows Win2K to join domain

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Sun Nov 5 11:18:25 GMT 2000

At 12:05 PM 11/5/00 +0100, Jean Francois Micouleau wrote:
>On Sun, 5 Nov 2000, Richard Sharpe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> With the attached patch, my reasonably recent version of Samba 2.2.0 allows
>> Win2K to join the domain.
>> I cannot see who applied the changes as I can't figure out how to get CVS
>> to tell me the differences or history ...
>I and Tim. 
>I changed most of the rpc LSA functions to count the ending \0 in the
>unicode string, and Tim reverted it as it broke some other stuff.
>Anyway, it looks like I need to look more deeply at the unicode string
>stuff and write a doc file to document how to use those functions.

OK. The other thing that I observed is that it takes an aweful long time to
actually join the domain. But eventually it does ...

>	J.F.

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