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Sun Nov 5 05:30:49 GMT 2000

"Jeremy Allison" <jeremy at> wrote:

> On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 03:34:48AM +0900, okuyamak at wrote:
<snip about stat() performance issues >
> Have you taken a look at the re-design of the number
> of stat calls for the Miami conference ? This should
> help - the reason we have to do a stat call on an incoming
> path is that we have to map the case insensitive name given
> to smbd to a case sensitive name used by UNIX.

Is there some way to make this either configurable as a run time or a
compile time option?

For OpenVMS, the case of the file specification is ignored when the file is
looked up.  All of this processing is just extra overhead.

And I think I saw in that there is an SMB flag for case sensitive file

So those sites with UNIX where the users understand the implications of it
could also turn it off for performance.

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