An Error of Gethostbyaddr

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Does this problem correspond to [www] share only ?
I mean, can't you print also (I saw printer share in your
And one more thing. Could you send a bit more messages
from your log file.


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 Hi support,
 I've config a share mode samba. But I always encouter a prompted passwd 
dialog when I want to access www share from my win98 or NT and always 
receive an error from log.smb as following,
[2000/11/02 10:49:48, 1] lib/util_sock.c:client_name(1030)
   Gethostbyaddr failed for
[2000/11/02 10:49:52, 1] lib/util_sock.c:client_name(1030)
   Gethostbyaddr failed for
 The smb.conf is attached. Would you pls give me some info ASAP? Thanks.
 Best Regards,

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